Open Signs and Business Hours

When it comes to open signs and posted business hours there is not much debate. You MUST have both of them. I am still a little old-fashioned that in my own market I actually call on my customers at their place of business. I call on doctors, lawyers, accountants, trucking companies, restaurants…well you get the idea.  It amazes me that a majority of business doesn’t have their hours posted on or at their front door. Some not only don’t have the hours posted but don’t even have a sign that says when they are open or closed. Some are scraped off, or have fallen off or are in disrepair.

The businesses that do this the best: Banks. The Worst: Restaurants

Banks do the best at this because 99% of them have their hours posted on the entrance doors as well as their drive through. They are really good at letting you know when a federal holiday is coming up by posting up to a week in advance that they will be closed. Restaurants on the other hand can’t seem to keep up the daily special; it’s still the one from last week.

I have included a couple of pictures of good lighted signs that would work in a front window. I personally like the lighted ones so when it’s dark out you can see if the business is open or closed and find out the hours of operation.

Today’s Action: Look at your front door signage (even if you are a service business) and make the necessary corrections to inform your customers and vendors that yes, you are still in business, you are open and these are your hours.

More to come on the “open” sign issue. Is yours flashing on & off? Is it supposed to?

You can look at some options here:

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